Safe Routes to Everywhere Platform—Partnership for Active Transportation

The Partnership for Active Transportation is a national network of nonprofit, for-profit and public-sector entities working together to build healthy places for healthy people by advancing active transportation networks. The organization describes itself as a national voice for trails, walking and biking—or active transportation—that reflects this diversity of affected interests.

The partnership has launched a campaign to drive changes in federal policy that encourage investments in active transportation as critical elements of our nation’s transportation system.

A recent press release from the group stated: “Trails, walking and biking help to advance many societal goals such as mobility, economic development, health, livable communities and equity. We invite you to join us.”

Organizations can sign on to endorse Safe Routes to Everywhere, the federal policy platform from the Partnership for Active Transportation.  The lead organizations responsible for developing the platform were Rails-to-Trails Conservancy, APHA, LOCUS (a division of Smart Growth America representing real estate developers), the American Academy of Pediatrics, and America Walks.

Download the Safe Routes to Everywhere platform.