State Revenue Sources for Bike-Ped Projects

StateRevenueSources_June2014-1While many groups turn to the Federal government for funding opportunities for bicycling and pedestrian projects, there are in fact many states that also have their own revenue sources that can be used for “active transportation” projects.  A new tool called Advocacy Advance, published in June 2014, features state revenue sources that fund bicycling and walking projects.

The Advocacy Advance report is a partnership of the Alliance for Biking and Walking and the League of American Bicyclists. This list of state revenue sources that fund bicycling and walking projects came from two major sources: the State Smart Transportation Initiative (SSTI) State and Local Transportation Revenue Sources survey, while the League’s Bicycle Friendly State program contributes self-reported state information and examples.

You can use an online interactive tool to explore potential revenue sources. Or you can download the .pdf version of this resource here.